DIY SEO – The cheapest SEO service available

DIY SEO – The cheapest SEO service available.

What’s DIY SEO and can anyone do it?

Once you understand the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and have the right tools in place then you can write a simple blog post (article) that will help boost traffic to your website in less than 30 minutes, guaranteed! There is no need to pay a ‘SEO Specialist’ silly money to do this for you. You will do it better because you know your business.

What you need

You need a website driven by WordPress, Joomla, Opencart or any number of other engines that allow you to add a blog to your web site. This blog can be presented as a news column, your recent jobs, a portfolio of artworks or a set of ‘how to’ articles to name a few. It should, of course, be relative to your business.

If your web site was developed by a designer worth his or her fees some of what I’m telling you would or should have been pointed out to you so hopefully you already have something in place, if not ask your designer for assistance. In most cases, depending on the development software, adding a blog is work of minutes so don’t agree to any silly costs.

If you do not have the right development software then it’s likely you have just a HTML site or a dated e-commerce platform. In both cases I seriously recommend replacing your site with something current that’s also responsive. More on responsive web sites in our next article but as a side note you have to know that Google plans to filter mobile results based on responsiveness. In other words if your website doesn’t adept to a smaller screen without pinching fingers you’ll soon disappear from Google’s mobile search results.. Ouch….


Now that you have your blog in place you’ll need to create a list of keywords relative to your business. In other words, a list of words that someone might type in to a search engine in order to find a service or product similar to what you are trying to sell. This is probably the single most important task of DIY SOS because the quality of the keywords will determine not only how many new visitors you get but also the quality of the visitors.

Basic Writing Tips

When writing your actual article there are a number of recommendations that you SHOULD follow. The success of DIY SOS depends on you following these guidelines. If you run WordPress or Joomla than have a look at SEO plugins from Yoast. This Dutchman has written a really cool set of tools that report to you via a traffic light system if you are following the guidelines and even tells you what you need change in order to improve.

Choose a keyword from your list and match it up with a relevant story. So if you have on your list “wet rooms” and “Chelsea” then write an article about installing, removing or plumbing in wet rooms in Chelsea. Be prepared to write an article of at least 250-300 words. Include the keyword(s) in the title, page name (URL) and several times in the main body content. If you’re adding images make sure they are labelled with the keywords.

If possible link your article to other pages (with similar content) and keep the language easy to read. If you’ve never heard of the ‘Flesh Readability Score’ then now is a good time to look into it.

So to be a successful DIY SEO writer you need a blog, a list of keywords, some writing skills and you need to know how to follow a few simple rules. Easy!

If you’re still not sure and want a live demonstration then call me to arrange a day and time.


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